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From the Corner Office: Virtual Meetings – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

It was interesting to read an article about the stresses associated with participation in a virtual meeting. The article referred to the importance of maintaining a high level of concentration required to listen, the effort associated with the need to interpret the many..

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Topics: Corner Office

6 Wastewater Pump Symptoms You Don’t Want to Ignore - and why you might be seeing them now more than ever

Due to the sudden increased use of disinfecting wipes, latex gloves and other materials residents are using to combat the corona virus, wastewater operators are seeing a sharp increase in wastewater clogs.  As demand for cleaning wipes has skyrocketed, wastewater operators..

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From the Corner Office: Pizza and Pumps

From the Corner Office is a series of articles written by Mike Blundell, President of KSB Canada where he shares his insights on all aspects of the pump business (and sometimes beyond.)

Upon the arrival of pizza delivery many years ago customer expectations were low. The long..

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Want an Efficient System? Get This One Thing Right: Pump Selection

We all want a cleaner and healthier planet.  We all know that reducing energy consumption is a key part in achieving this goal.  But did you realize that pumps are responsible for a significant portion of all energy required by industry?  According to a study by a major..

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Topics: Pump Basics

The sweet spot: How to keep your pump operating near its Best Efficiency Point (BEP)

Each pump has what is called a ‘best efficiency point’ (BEP) or sweet-spot – a combination of head and flow rate where it will deliver its best performance in terms of both energy efficiency and service life.

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Topics: SupremeServ, Pump Basics

Case Study: KSB overhauls obsolete pump using reverse engineered parts

A 50 year old pulp & paper mill in Northern Ontario relied on obsolete multistage pumps as mission-critical equipment.  The day the two primary pumps went down and they found out neither of their standby pumps were operational was an operator’s worst nightmare.

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